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About the Festival
The European Union Ambassador to the Russian Federation

Markus Ederer

Dear friends! Autumn has come, which means that the film Festival of the European Union again in Kaliningrad-for the 13th time. The energy of this Festival and its program will convince you that 13 is a lucky number! In an ever-changing world and in the current turbulence in EU-Russia relations, the annual European film festival in Kaliningrad is a cultural constant indicating mutual interest in cooperation and dialogue. And it is very important that here we speak the same language – the language of culture that unites us. We should not forget this, especially given the fact that 2018 has been declared the European year of cultural heritage in the European Union. The European film festival in Kaliningrad has become a landmark event, a kind of calling card of autumn. This is a meeting place for Russian viewers with the best European films and outstanding cultural figures. The cross-cutting theme of this year's Festival is"Geniuses and villains". And this is no coincidence. Bright, award-winning European films, which we will present to your attention during the two-week festival marathon, in one form or another, pose an eternal question to the audience: "are genius and villainy two things incompatible?"We know that history is not as clear as it seems. We invite you to find your answers, exploring the world created by European filmmakers, where black can detect white, where there are no spatial and temporal boundaries, where we are all – so different and so similar. I would like to Express my sincere gratitude to the organizers of the Festival headed by Artem Ryzhkov, his constant program Director, the management of the cinema "Zarya", our colleagues from embassies, Consulate General and cultural centers of the EU countries for the impressive work they have done. I also Express my gratitude to the Regional Administration for the long-term support of the Festival. Enjoy an interesting movie!.

Kaliningrad region governor

Anton Alikhanov

Dear friends! Welcome to the XIII festival of cinema of the countries of the European Union. The cinematic forum has become a good tradition for the Kaliningrad region. The festival brings together film figures from 25 countries under its wing, which once again proves the absence of borders for art. This year about 50 films devoted to the main theme of the film forum "Geniuses and villains"are presented. We will look at the tape, which is dedicated to the life and work of the great artists. For two weeks, the audience will have an unforgettable meeting with the masterpieces of world cinema. The festival program includes works by winners and participants of key European film forums: Berlin, Venice and Cannes film festivals. I wish the participants of the XIII film festival of the European Union countries inspiration, inexhaustible energy and high achievements, and the audience – interesting meetings, vivid impressions and new discoveries in the world of cinema. Pleasant viewing!

The Minister for culture and tourism of the Kaliningrad region

Andrey Ermak

Dear participants, organizers and spectators of the XIII festival of cinema of the countries of the European Union. I am glad again to welcome you to the Kaliningrad earth. The film forum has become an integral part of the cultural life of our region. Under the auspices of the festival together talented Directors, animators, actors, writers and operators. Thanks to the figures of cinema, Kaliningrad region became the center of cinema of the European Union for the thirteenth year in a row. This festival is one of the oldest film forums in the region. He has earned a high reputation among the professional community and the audience love of tens of thousands of people. Bright film festival will delight fans of true art variety of genres and the highest level of skill. I wish the organizers, participants and guests of the festival success, achievements and inspiration, as well as sensitive and attentive audience!

Programme Director

Artem Ryzhkov

I welcome the audience of the 13th European Union film festival! He's special. First, we are not afraid of numbers. 13 is a lucky number. In astronomy, it is the visible magnitude of NGS-131, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor. There are 55 stars in this Galaxy, and cinema is also a kind of astronomy, because it's about stars. And at this festival, a lot of them. After all, the festival is dedicated to great people. Genius and evil, great and terrible. Among the geniuses will be Rodin, Gauguin, Raphael, tal, Borg, mcinroy and many more, and we will open the cartoon about van Gogh. The villains, here to villains, villains, we will not, but in every genius there is always a dark side, you will see for yourself. To assemble this program, I watched films at the best European film festivals – in Berlin, in Cannes – and chose the best of them. For example, you will see a film-the owner of the "Golden bear" Berlinale "on the body and soul." In no case do not miss. Even when you look at the Hungarian film! Will be in the program and nominees for" Golden palm branch " – "Gentle","Young Godard". There will be real national and international hits – "Four against the Bank", "Suburbikon", there will be a small children's program – "little vampire", "Far North". We passed by the 165th anniversary of the famous writer Joseph Conrad and by the new trend on Agatha Christie. And, of course, cinema is always about the stars of the screen. Vincent Cassel, til Schweiger, Marion Cotillard, Antonio Banderas, Gillian Anderson, Glenn close, Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave, Eric Bana, Peter Mullan, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgard, Stacy Martin, and even Matt Damon and Julianne Moore have managed among them wormed. There will be new films from sacred animals – Directors of Hazanavichus, Kaurismaki. There will be guests. At the opening will come jiří Fear from the Czech Republic, he will bring his Comedy hit "angel-2". And on November 26 you will meet with the operator Berndt Fischer (Germany), he just finished the project "Babylon-Berlin", which was shot with Tom Pumpkin. But to us he will show the film, which was shot in Romania, about one of the departing professions of Old Europe – mountain shepherds. They also work very close to the stars. See you at the festival! In November and December – Europe in the "DAWN"! Although it is not necessary to discount the shows in the " Loft "and the movie"news".

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