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Don't leave me

< p>Darlene is a world – famous ballerina. France. – the main man in her life, a couple and mentor in the profession. They are returning home, in Copenhagen, after a long tour of the world. Together they plan to put on the stage of the Royal theater "Giselle", where Darlene will be the main party. During the first rehearsal, Darlene falls in pain – she can't dance anymore. She has to to submit to the painful circumstances quickly come to terms with his replacement and to find the strength to help his wife at his statement. However, the focus of the ballet and her husband Franz becomes a young ballerina is new Giselle.

"don't leave me" explores the physical tension of the ballet. We see the sweat, hear breath, frown from erased in the blood of the legs, stand still, when ballerina land. The film looks even deeper into everything it takes to achieve this breathtaking dance: revealing how it destroys emotionally, how it destroys sexually, how it forces you to resort to stimulants.

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Информация о фильме
  • Жанр
  • Производство
  • Продолжительность
    115 мин
  • Режисер
    Birgitte, Samosa
  • В ролях
    Danica Curcic, Gustaf Skarsgard
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