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City Kaliningrad
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Tas, ko vini neredz

What no one sees

Dr. Kaufman sends his nurse, his mistress, Elsa on a special mission. She will take care of a patient in a coma at home. Patient is a young, beautiful and intelligent (except that is not funny) scientist, specialist in the field artificial intelligence, and even with erotic Nicolas's name. Elsa falls in love without delay, substitutes nurse substitute tears with Kaufman and then herself. Love, care and medicines gradually return Nicolas to an active state. But here intervenes artificial intelligence named Anna.

Katherine Spitz's Involvement gives the film humor, glamour and grace.

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Информация о фильме
  • Жанр
  • Производство
  • Продолжительность
    90 мин
  • Режисер
    Stanislavs Tokalovs
  • В ролях
    Katherine Spitz, Yevhen Tkachuk
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