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Schedule Special event
26 ноября 20:00
Событие Retrospective to the 160th anniversary
Joseph Conrad

Retrospective to the 160th anniversary

The retrospective is intended to restore the memory of the author, to expand the knowledge of creativity among Russians and the lives of one of the world's most prominent writers. Conrad's works are filled with universal truths and understandable to readers different parts of the world. His work is close not only to lovers of literature in Poland, where he came from, in England-where he lived and worked, but also throughout Europe. "The heart of darkness", "Lord Jim", "Nostromo", "Secret accomplice" are just some of Joseph Conrad's works that address both the global problems of civilization and the dilemmas of individuals. Due to the universal approach and diversity of motives, Conrad's novels still influence the work of many writers, they remain always relevant to readers.


Conrad. A master of words and sails. 35 мин

This film is a portrait of Joseph Conrad, captain of the British merchant marine and one of the greatest English writers. The document tells about the life and work of Conrad, his Hobbies and dreams. The Director goes to his native land of the hero and talks about the writer's career as a master. The story is accompanied by surviving photographs of The Korzhenevsky family and places associated with their lives. Raczkowski refers to the statements of friends and colleagues of the writer, as well as professionals involved in the translation of his works, and conradicts from Poland and the UK.

  • Режисер: Bogdan Raczkowski
  • Категория: Documentary
  • Страна: Polish television

Secret agenе 69 мин

Based On the novel by Joseph Conrad "The secret agent"

the Plot of the "Secret agent" takes place in the late nineteenth century in London. In the house of Alfred Overlock, the owner of small stalls, regularly collected English anarchists who passionately discuss their vision of the new world, sharing your experience. The warlock is not just an anarchist, he still hides the secret that has for many years been a Russian agent at the same time working for the British police, giving into the hands justice their associates-terrorists. Leads a seemingly quiet life with his wife Minnie. One day, an employee of the Russian Embassy gives him a new job – the attack, which forced the British to work in close cooperation with the Royal government.

  • Режисер: Krzysztof Zaleski
  • Категория: Television show
  • Страна: Polish TV channel 1
2 декабря 22:00

Lord Jim 83 мин

Based On the novel by Joseph Conrad "Lord Jim."

<< < p>In the new television adaptation of Michael's pen Gnat, writer and coralista, the focus is put on the moral problems of: the honor and sense of responsibility, guilt and redemption. The original TV script accurately reflects the composition of the novel, as well as the multilayering on the radio. The play, as well as the novel, consists of two parts – the first part presents the ambiguous circumstances of the catastrophe of the old steamer, carrying Muslim pilgrims, and the second – tells about the samples of rehabilitation and redemption of guilt from Jim's past.

  • Режисер: Laco Adami
  • Категория: Television show
  • Страна: Polish TV channel 1
29 november 16:00
Событие Master Class
Frodo Keipers

Master Class

With a sense of Humor or how I became an artist

Meeting of the famous Director-animator from the Netherlands Frodo Kuipers with young spectators of the festival (8-14 years).

< p>Frodo will showcase several of his own films, including one of the latest – "time for bullets", which this year was nominated by the Netherlands for an Oscar. He will talk about cartoons for children who come up and create Dutch animators, as well as his own hobby animation.

< p>Frodo Kuipers studied animation in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2001 he created his diploma work "the Antipodes". This film won several awards at film festivals and was nominated for the main prize of the animated Belgium in 2002.

< p>For three years Frodo was a visiting artist at the Netherlands Institute of animated films (NIAF), where he took part in numerous workshops and studied in workshops with the best Dutch professionals. At the same time, he created two short cartoons – "Street" and "Shipwreck", which were successfully demonstrated at various world film festivals.

< p>Frodo mainly works in the technique of two-dimensional hand-drawn animation. In his films, he uses the characteristic animation logic of the plot, in the center of which is always a character. The artist is interested in how the characters he created exist in the world he invented. An important component of creativity Frodo is humor, but with meaning.

In addition to working on cartoons, Frodo teaches animation and directing at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (Netherlands), and sometimes works as a musician and actor.

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