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Jury prize and audience award at the Science festival in Prague.

A Fascinating journey through the unknown river in Africa leads us to the unique Suri tribe. During the trip we will know the people who decided to fight for their traditions and way of life. This is a film-meditation, thinking about the future and the mass extinction of human cultures. Cultural diversity is essential for the survival of civilization in a global world. Suri-amazing people, preserved in southern Ethiopia.


Slovakia presents two famous documentary Paul Barabash. His films are always Grand, always about the adventure and survival of people in extreme conditions. Always filmed in incredible inaccessible places, on wild rivers, snow peaks or in deep caves. It attracts the Tibet and the jungle. And each film is imbued with love and respect for nature, a powerful force of reason and a sense of responsibility for the planet.

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  • Жанр
  • Производство
  • Продолжительность
    65 мин
  • Режисер
    Pavol Barabash
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